Our company’s philosophy when it comes to clubs is to empower each individual coach, so the coach has the knowledge and tools to implement information into specific sessions. HFI impacting the coach will then go and impact the players/athletes which will effect the performance of the team. This should have a chain reaction where by all the teams within that club are developing and progressing to a high quality.

NGB’s cover the tactical and technical elements of sport very well but Health & Fitness Ireland aim to further strengthen coaches Physical (Body Fitness) and Psychological (Mind Fitness) Knowledge. HFI have devise a menu of six stand alone workshops to assist coaches in their continuous professional development.

HFI club philosophy is to work closely with clubs in terms of developing and annual educational structure within the club that will benefit everybody from the youngest player to the mature coach.

Speed & Agility

* Individual speed development.

* Speed mechanics.

* Reaction, Acceleration, Deceleration exercises.

* Agility mechanics.

* Cutting and change of direction exercises.

Sport Planning

* Teams needs and priorities.

* Weekly, block and yearly planning.

* Periodisation – tech, tact, mental & physical.

* Tapering and peaking.

* Reflection and future planning procedures.

Strength and Power

* Strength training principles.

* Lower, upper and core strength.

* Strength exercises.

* Power training principles.

* Power exercises.

Athlete Nutrition & Hydration

* Nutritional needs of athletes/ players.

* Nutritional strategies.

* Practical planning and implementing of nutrition.

* Hydrational information and planning.

* Your role as coach.

FMS Educational Awareness

* Assess basic movement patterns.

* Identify muscle asymmetries, tightness and weakness.

* Examining the mobility and stability of the ankle, knee, hip, core, spine and shoulders.

* Retrain the body to move in the most stable efficient way.

* Proactive tool in injury prevention.

Developing Strong Mentality

* What is mental strength.

* SWOT analyses of individuals and units.

* Building confidence and self esteem.

* What are the attributes of a captain/leader.

* Your role as a coach.

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