Secondary Schools

HFI want to enhance the quality of students lives by educating and motivating them to be in control of their own health, fitness and nutritional needs. HFI has a focus to assist/ educate everyone to reach their own specific goal. That goal maybe to lose/ gain weight, to mentally feel better, or to excel in a sport through development.

We are very aware that there are 3 types of student, the first student that participates in no sport/ activity, the second student that seldom participates but with a little encouragement will take part and can be quite good and enjoy it, the third student participates in as many sports/ activities as their schedule will allow.

With this in mind we have carefully designed services that will impact all students, and also assist teachers in guiding the student in health related issues. At HFI we pride ourselves that all our staff are minimum degree qualified, with some members qualified to a masters degree level.

HFI Student Educational Options

HFI offer individual short lectures for students on the following, nutrition and hydration,  the importance of being healthy and fit and sports psychology.

HFI also offer practical sessions for students in the areas of: HIIT training, FMS and corrective exercises, home training program. HFI offer secondary schools the option of choosing educational workshops and courses also.

HFI recommend these courses to give adequate time and much needed specialised information to students whom need it in modern society. Option 1, 2 and 3 being specific HFI full day workshops (6hrs) or Option 4 being HFI’s Wellness Course (18 hrs).

HFI Staff Development Days

Professional development is widely recognised as crucial to an organisation’s success. Finding time for training and development is frequently noted by school staff as a barrier preventing them from taking up developmental opportunities.

Training days are a significant time resource for professional development. How schools use this time is a crucial matter, especially as previous research shows that training days are not always used productively. The most effective types of professional development activity are those that directly meet individual needs as well as school-based needs and so a more personalised approach to professional development is required.

HFI aim to deliver specific training to meet the needs of post primary school teachers in the areas of mental and physical health, nutrition and exercise/ fitness training.

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